yes i’m a glutard

yes i’m a glutard

one of the most frustrating things that has come along with my plethora of auto-immune diseases is the fact that around the same time i discovered i had Graves Disease i also discovered that i was slowly poisoning myself with gluten.

let me start by stating, i would not suggest a gluten free life for the sake of it. a carb-free life sure when you’re trying to lose weight. even then, carbs have such a bad rap! good healthy carbs are so good for your health, i may just write a post about healthy carbs all on their own. but yes, a gluten free life, not so much.

firstly, gluten free foods like bread, english muffins, pasta, etc, only just started tasting good. when i first started changing my diet and lifestyle the bread was literally a bunch of seeds more or less fused together and when i used to put my gluten free bread in the toaster it would start to crumble as it cooked.

the major difference in the gluten free market came when Novak Djokovic started raving about how fabulous he was feeling after starting to live a gluten free lifestyle. he claimed he felt a million times better and that eating gluten free was a real ‘gamer changer’.

suddenly GF (gluten free) products were popping up everywhere and along with this came a better understanding for the general public about what being GF was all about. for myself this had two benefits: 1. the price of GF foods finally came down; 2. they started to put effort into making GF things that didn’t taste like cardboard.

how did they do this you ask? sugar. sugar sugar sugar. check before you eat. a lot of GF products are jammed with sugars… not all but many. often people claim they’re changing to a GF lifestyle to lose weight but they don’t realize just because you’re eating a GF chocolate chip muffin doesn’t make it healthy. chances are its probably worse than a regular chocolate muffin.

when people drastically lose weight when they start eating gluten free its because you become highly limited to what you can eat in general. especially when you’re on the go. plus many super tasty wonders have gluten hidden in the ingredients. just yesterday at my work we had a group rib fest. a coworker of mine brought his smoker to work and everyone was enjoying ribs while i ate kale salad. why? because most bbq sauces (especially bourbon bbq sauce) are jammed with gluteness goodness.

however… an issue i’ve come across since becoming GF became the super fad to the stars is that i’m constantly judged for how i have to eat. again, i don’t want to eat like this, i wish normal food didn’t make me sick or have to shit my pants, but it does. the other day at work a coworker of mine walked by and offered me some homemade fudge. when i asked if there was any gluten in it the response i got was “oh god you’re one of those gluten free assholes aren’t you”. nope, not an asshole just don’t want to be sick, thanks though.

GF has a stigma now which in my opinion is ridiculous. some people choose a GF lifestyle and if that makes them feel healthier, power to them. i don’t get that choice and if i choose to ‘cheat’ i pay for it later. even my boyfriend didn’t really believe it was actually a real thing when we first started dating. but one time when were out drinking in niagara falls i ate something i shouldn’t have and ended on my death bed. the poor guy just hugged me begging for me to tell me how he could help. he couldn’t, we had to wait out the storm until i was better. now when people ask if its actually real or if i’m just exaggerating he’s the first one to come to my defence about how sick i can get.

what is being celiac like? what does it do? basically it makes stuff with gluten become poison to your body. it kills the villi in your small intestines so you stop absorbing nutrients. when i was in high school and still eating gluten regularly i ended up so sick one night after dinner my stomach swelled up and became as hard as a rock. back to the hospital i went with no answers in sight.

it wasn’t until a friend of mine from germany who also had celiac disease came and told me to get tested. she figured i had celiac disease since i had the exact symptoms she had. after some more testing it was official. i was what my friend termed a ‘glutard’. europe was way ahead of the game when it came to testing and diagnosing people with celiac disease and not just writing it off as IBS (irritable bowl syndrome). looking back through my families history its probably a genetic thing.

i never met my grandmother on my mom’s side but throughout her short life she suffered greatly with stomach and bowl issues. every time she went to the doctor they told her she had some for of IBS and to just not try to eat so much salty things. and since i figured out what the hell was attacking my insides a few of my cousins have realized that they have it too (the also have auto-immune diseases). some times it just takes being educated about these things to figure out its affecting you.

i won’t go into details today into celiac disease testing but if you think that its a possibility for you talk to a doctor. if you have other auto-immune diseases, trust me, they’re totally related.

thats all for today. i’m on break at work and i have about ten more minutes until i’m back to airplanes. i’m planning on posting some of my favourite GF snacks in the next week or two (they’re great hacks for commuters on the run). being super busy becomes one of the most complicated parts of being GF.

and if you are one of those assholes who just eats GF to be trendy don’t let anyone make you feel bad about that either. you’ve helped those of us who have to eat that way. plus, don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about trying to keep your body healthy too many people in this world treat their body like shit. fuck them

xo bri


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