post numero uno: hola

post numero uno: hola

a good friend of mine recently talked me into starting up this blog. she’s a blogger and has been telling me for months that just because you have no gift for writing doesn’t mean you can’t start. so i’m giving it a shot, people may hate it, but whats the internet without some spelling errors and trolls. my goal is for this to be super informal,  possibly fun, and a place for people to take some of the experiences i’ve had and maybe relate to them. whatever direction it takes will be wonderful, i only hope that one or two people may benefit from things i’ve learned along the way.

last night i attended an event with my friend from Classy on the Run for  David’s Tea and Me to We celebrating their 1 year partnership. while there drinking some fab cocktails i ended up chatting away with a woman who happened to have a lot of the same health issues that i do. this actually started off as a conversation about skincare and hormone imbalances  and became the topic of the evening. afterwards i was inspired to share a little about what i went through/ am still going through and how a lot of it has turned me into the fabulous ‘basic bitch’ i am today. and really how i really don’t give a shit when people try to use that term to offend me.

in high school i was diagnosed with a variety of autoimmune diseases after spending months and months in doctor’s office after doctor’s office. one doctor even had the nerve to tell me i was lying about feeling sick and my pitbull mother kicked his ass to the curb and we chased down real answers. i was tested for, and diagnosed with, hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease as well as celiac disease. i will do a post at a later time on this more in depth and  include a lot of my symptoms. but yes so basically i was now gluten free before gluten free was a thing and the only reason i even knew where to start was because a girl in my grade was from Germany and GF (gluten free). europe always knows about the upcoming trends before we ever do. gluten free for me isn’t a choice. i would never wish celiac disease on anyone and yet now i get judged as an asshole all the time for having to eat the way my body has made me.

flash forward to my 20s where i started getting acne for the first time in my life, became highly depressed, went as far as trying accutane (demons work that shit is) and still battle shitty skin on a daily basis. i still am in and out of doctor’s offices, i can’t live the savage life of all of my other friends in their 20s, and i randomly end up sick all the time because of my terrible immune system and the abundance of gluten in EVERYTHING. and all of this has changed my lifestyle so much. i gym (when i have the energy) which i hated when i was younger, I eat very specific things, and i have a beauty store in my bedroom/bathroom to help coverup the marks on my face from deep tissue acne and prevent it from continuing.

a lot of these things get associated with being a stuck up bitch or ‘basic’. i’ve learned to embrace the term basic as meaning i put effort into my health. i do also like some of the prettier things in life so i won’t stretch and say i don’t fit said definitions as i’m drinking my David’s Tea and texting with my furry phone case. my friends all call me basic bear and i own it like a badge of pride.

bracing has two meanings according to the dictionary

  1. the definition of bracing is something invigorating and fresh
  2. bracing is defined as something that provides support to a structure

i see this blog as being both; adding something fresh to a term that is often meant to be a knock on things that you like and the way you choose to live your life and creating a supportive space for other people like me with health issues just trying to enjoy their life, their friends, and work their ass off in this crappy economy for millennials. i have no idea what direction my posts are going to go and this is all a trial for me so please try to bare with my blogging growing pains!

this is probably the longest intro ever but oh well. i have a lot of ground to cover and i’m a scatterbrain so this is me just trying to keep things sensical at best.

xo bri


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